All Things Gear Reviews The WA-87 R2

Thanks to All Things Gear for giving the new WA-87 R2 and 8.8/10 rating! “On par with other Warm Audio products, the WA-87 holds a very high value in comparison to its quality. Nowadays, it seems only fair to crown Warm Audio the king company, in terms of product value. Although there are many out there recreating older equipment at … Read More Reviews the Jet Phaser recently reviewed the Jet Phaser, giving it 8/10 stars! Read the full review here. “We plunge recklessly into jet mode two – for the zingiest fuzz and the deepest phase – with resonance maxed out and speed at its slowest. As expected, it’s intense: the phasing effect arcs around in a demonically creeping swirl, with a ripping texture that … Read More Reviews the Foxy Tone Box recently reviewed the Foxy Tone Box by Warm Audio, giving it 8/10 stars. View and excerpt below and read the full review here. “Even with the sustain knob shy of 10 o’clock it’s clear there’s nothing subtle about this pedal. It’s about as thick and syrupy as fuzz gets, with a real analogue synth-like texture to single notes that … Read More

Mixdown Reviews the Warm Audio Foxy Tone Box

Australia’s Mixdown Magazine recently wrote a review on Warm Audio’s new Foxy Tone Box guitar pedal. View a snippet of the review below and read the full review here. “Warm Audio’s Foxy Tone Box is yet another fine example of what a company’s commitment to design, component selection and meticulous attention to detail can yield, a fine recreation of a … Read More

Making a Scene Reviews WA-47JR

Making A Scene recently reviewed the WA-47JR microphone. Check out a snippet below and read the full review here. “Now, if you have a home studio or your building up a studio to bring in other artists to record, selecting quality microphones to add to your collection is important. The WA47jr at $299 MSRP is well within just about any budget while … Read More

MusicTech Reviews Warm Audio BUS-COMP

MusicTech recently reviewed the new Warm Audio BUS-COMP, giving it a 9/10 Choice Award. “Warm Audio’s range of classically styled, affordable and authentic-sounding outboard gear has been greatly enhanced by the addition of the Bus-Comp. This mix-bus compressor is almost as good as it gets. After you hear its CineMag transformers in action, you’ll be running as much audio as … Read More

Sound on Sound Reviews Warm Audio Direct Boxes

Sound on Sound recently reviewed the new Warm Audio Direct Boxes, which are available in both active and passive. “Both of these transformer-equipped DI boxes — one active, the other passive — deliver a high level of performance for an attractive price. “ Read the full review here.

All Things Gear Warm Audio BUS-COMP Review

All Things Gear recently reviewed the new Warm Audio BUS-COMP, giving it an 8.8 out of 10 rating! “The Warm Audio Bus-Comp is a well-designed compressor that will make a great addition to any studio. Sure, it’s particularly a good choice for those looking for a great bus compressor on a budget, but even larger studios could make great use … Read More

All Things Gear Reviews Warm Audio Direct Boxes

All Things Gear recently reviewed the new Warm Audio Direct Boxes “The typical direct box you may come across in your collection, or in the recording studio, may appear a little bland. In some cases, they’ve been used and kicked around so much that the paint is chipped off, which just becomes part of its character. In the case of the Warm … Read More

Bonedo BUS-COMP Review

Bonedo recently reviewed the Warm Audio BUS-COMP, giving it 4.5/5 Stars. “The device is rock solid, has a high-quality feel and is even more practical than the original in terms of its functionality for home recording and project studios.” Read the full review here.