Performer Magazine Review: Warm Audio WA-84 Small-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

“Musicians have poured their time and money into perfecting their sound, regardless of the instrument or style of music. So, it makes sense to record in the purest way possible to capture it. A small-diaphragm condenser mic can achieve this task in most cases, across a variety of applications, and Warm Audio’s WA-84 is their version of a classic mic … Read More

Performer Magazine Review: WA-251 Tube Condenser Microphone

Warm Audio has rolled out a 251-style mic that sounds great and is well within reach, pricewise, to the discerning user. Build wise, this new WA-251 from Warm Audio is really robust. The all brass capsule design is based off of a CK12, with a 24k 6 micron gold sputtered diaphragm. Cinemag is the transformer of choice and the capacitors … Read More

Warm Audio: Re-Inventing The Past

Thanks to AMS for this in-depth article that features video demonstrations for several Warm Audio products. “To clarify, the real magic of Warm Audio is in the modern reproductions of legendary studio classics. They bring back relics from the past without compromising quality and design parameters. Additionally, their products faithfully reproduce the circuitry, components and overall legacy of these vintage … Read More

Harmony Central Reviews WA-84

When the vintage gear fans at Warm Audio decided to build a recreation of a classic discontinued small diaphragm condenser to add to their line of large diaphragm FET and tube condenser microphones, the KM-84 was the obvious choice to try to emulate. The result of their efforts is the WA-84 under review here. What You Need To Know The … Read More

Music Connection Reviews WA-84

Barry Rudolph – an engineer/mixer who has worked on 30+ gold and platinum records recently reviewed the WA-84 for Music Connection. “I tried the WA-84 on a drum kit both as a close snare drum mic and as a mono overhead. Two of the original 84 mics were awesome as drum overheads in the 1970s. For close in on a … Read More

Sweetwater’s 9 Amazing Mics Released in 2019 – Featuring WA-251 and WA-84

” Looks like the folks at Warm Audio, who built their reputation on acclaimed rack gear and microphone designs based on revered classics, have two more hits on their hands. The WA-251 is a meticulous rendition of the legendary large-diaphragm tube condenser that was introduced in 1960 and is considered to be one of the most beautiful-sounding microphones ever made. Three polar … Read More

Resolution Magazine Finds History Repeating Itself — In A Good Way

“The WA-251 is Warm’s take on probably one of the most revered classics of all time, and certainly one of my all-time favourites — the Ela M251. Whilst the original 251 certainly shared a lot of its microphonic DNA with the C12, the slight differences in circuitry, head grille and mesh design were more than enough to give it a … Read More


“A good-quality condenser microphone is an essential element of any recording setup unless, of course, you only ever produce electronica within your DAW. The WA-251 is high quality, versatile mic, perfect for vocals and a wide range of instruments. It’s also an affordable version of a highly coveted classic valve mic – the Telefunken ELA M 251E – original examples … Read More


An emulation of the channels from one of Neve’s most revered British consoles, the WA273-EQ is a modern mic-pre with a vintage heart, as John Pickford reveals – GOTO MUSICTECH ARTICLE Hot on the heels of Warm Audio’s four-channel WA-412 microphone preamplifier – reviewed last month – comes the WA273-EQ, a copy of the vintage Neve 1073 module. While the … Read More