Our Team

Our team is intimately involved in the day-to-day operations of their respective departments. They all take great pride in ensuring that Warm Audio's customers, vendors, distributors and dealers receive the best possible service, whether via our affiliated partners or via our website.

Our team is readily available if you need to contact them. Due to spam problems, we can't list their e-mail addresses here. However, you may e-mail the Team directly using the standard Warm Audio e-mail address format: first name at warmaudio dot com.

Bryce Young

Founder & President

Warm Audio's founder and president Bryce Young is a young entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. He holds a degree in Business Management from Utah Valley University, and loves to travel, exercise, and spend time with his family. He and his wife, Aubrey, have a son and a daughter.

During high school, Bryce's love of music led him to become a music enthusiast, vinyl collector, musician, and expand his knowledge into pro-audio recording. After his band recorded in several local studios in Madison, WI, Bryce became frustrated with varying production quality which led him to acquire home recording equipment. Bryce began recording local artists in a professional studio in college between 2002-2008. He soon fell in love with vintage-style recording gear, but felt much of the industry's common options were over-priced and fairly simple to build. Bryce combined his love of recording music with his entrepreneurial talents and founded Warm Audio in 2012.

Under Bryce's leadership, Warm Audio has experienced explosive growth and has become one of the most reputable analog pro-audio companies in the industry. Warm Audio is now a top-ten selling gear manufacturer in the USA, in Preamp, Equalizer and Dynamic Processor categories, according to MI Sales Trak.

Stacey McManus

Operations Coordinator

Stacey oversees daily activities of the warehouse and office operations of Warm Audio. Managing receiving and distribution operations while monitoring optimal space utilization and efficient inventory flow. Responsibility for managing staff in quality control, customer support, warehouse receiving and distribution departments. Verifies the inventory quantity and assists in inventory level maintenance. Maintains complete paperwork for receiving and distribution nationally and internationally. Analyzes production metrics and makes recommendations for improvements and solutions to issues that are identified. Ensures that project and/or department milestones goals are met and adhering to approved budgets.

Stacey enjoys trips to the beach, swimming in the Austin water holes, hiking, yoga, music and spending time with her children.

Jessica Yeatman

Executive Assistant

Jessica supports and assists the President of Warm Audio to ensure effective use of time and productive interactions with staff and the public. She handles a wide range of administrative and executive support-related tasks involving administrative function, research and management roles. Responsible for schedule management, office management, communication liaison, information preparation, company records management, data analysis, and handles confidential information and communications. Full comprehension of Warm Audio's operation and procedures.

Jessica enjoys traveling, hiking, watching movies, live music, festivals, spending quality time with friends and family (husband & child).

Royce Richmond

Creative Marketing Director

Royce was recruited to Warm Audio in 2016 after establishing a successful career in the music/concert/festival industry for the past 10 years. He holds a degree in Computer Science in Graphic/Website Development and Marketing from Platt College in Denver Colorado. Prior to joining Warm Audio, Royce was the President of Modern Collective in Austin, Texas. Prior to Modern Collective, Royce served as Creative Director for an architecture firm in Dallas, Texas and developed a creative department from the ground up. In addition to his extensive management experience, Royce is a highly skilled sales and marketing professional. He strongly believes in Warm Audio's philosophy of grass roots sales and marketing. Actively involved in advancing the company's core culture of doing everything possible to add value and continually doing the right thing for the company, distributors, dealers, customers and staff. Royce helped drive the publishing of the company’s first brand manual, including the industry-standard. He also developed the second version of the Warm Audio website and developed a partner marketing strategy with dealers and distributors. Royce has been instrumental in implementing and expanding the company's brand and marketing programs while refining all aspects of the company's marketing initiatives. He is deeply engaged on a day-to-day basis with developing Warm Audio's branding, identity, product development, marketing, graphics, website, social media campaigns and trade show events.

Royce enjoys investing in the local community by serving or volunteering, and being involved in family activities. Royce plays guitar and can be found in his home playing music. He loves spending time with his family and enjoys traveling and watching sports. He also enjoys classic automobiles, motorcycles, photography, painting, live music, festivals, and car shows.

Antonio Anzaldua

Quality Control Manager

Antonio came on board Warm in September of 2016 after a career in music retail, service, and pro audio that included time with high end digital products manufacturer Burl Audio in Santa Cruz, CA, Music Go Round Gahanna, OH, and Lloyd's Music Studio in Scott's Valley, CA. Through these companies he learned to assemble and troubleshoot complex digital technology, fix guitars, microphones, and other electronics, and taught guitar. He studied Music Technology for four years at Cabrillo College, learning the the technical as well as creative sides of music production.

As quality control manager, Antonio ensures that every product at Warm Audio is functioning exactly as it should, that all product packages contain the proper materials, and provides that necessary human touch to ensure each knob is set just right and there are no cosmetic or aesthetic issues with any Warm Audio products.

Antonio is happily married and enjoys playing music in his spare time. He grew up in a musical family and frequents the music scene as a listener and a performer. When he's not practicing he's recording other bands and his own projects in the studio. He enjoys good beer, cooking, football, and building things. He will forever be a student of music in all aspects.

Dave Fisk

Director of US Sales

Dave is an audio professional with 17 years experience. Graduate of DePaul University with a B.S. in Sound Recording Technology. Dave has spent a lot of time in the recording studio, both as an engineer and as a session drummer, and performed lots of live shows, working on feature films;13 Ghosts, Treasure Planet, and The Matrix Reloaded. Working as a sound editor on reality TV shows and eventually moved into video game sound. Dave has worked with manufacturing companies that include K-Tek, Bubblebee Industries, and Sound Guys Solutions. He's also worked in retail at Coffey Sound (now Trew Audio LA), and DVeStore.

Dave manages a team of sales representatives to achieve sales and profit goals by selling Warm Audio products through resellers/channels. Identifies and approaches key or strategic partners and sets short-term and long-term channel strategies. Recommends product enhancements to improve customer satisfaction and sales potential. Ensures that project/department milestones/goals are met and adhering to approved budgets.

Dave resides in Middle Tennessee with his family (wife and children). He enjoys recording music, sound editing, playing percussion live/recording settings, traveling and spending quality time with his family.

Mark Williams

International Sales Manager

Mr. Williams has been the International Sales Manager of Warm Audio since 2016. With the goal of increasing sales and expanding markets world-wide with a heavy emphasis on European sales. Developing and implementing sales goals and strategies in Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, Russia, India as well as in Africa and the Middle East. Mark identifies and pursues new market opportunities for the Warm Audio product line. Analyzing strategic sales and marketing opportunities and coordinate implementation with Warm Audio ownership. Periodically travelling to dealer site(s) and attending tradeshows, conferences, workshops to develop and nurture business relationships for the purpose of generating sales.

Mr. Williams has 16 years of combined experience in the pro audio industry. Mark enjoys gun collecting, live music, traveling and spending time with his two dogs.