WA-4073 G+

73-Channel Console

Totally Legit Recreation of A Renowned 72-Channel (Plus One!) Console, Now for Home Studios
MSRP $599*

Your home studio is the heart and soul of your creativity, and yet the most sought-after consoles of yesterday are nowhere to be found in most home setups.

Until Now.

Warm Audio is pleased to announce the WA-4073 G+, a meticulous recreation of one of the most beloved consoles that changed recording history in the 1980s. We’ve applied the Warm formula to this timeless classic, painstakingly sourcing the finest electronics and components to create a console you can make the proud centerpiece of your home recording studio. Will it fit in your home recording studio? Will it even fit in your house?! That’s beside the point! It’s about making a statement.

Not to underestimate the demanding needs of home recording, we’ve added that much-needed extra channel to the console, bringing your total I/O to 73! Each channel features the classic compressor, EQ, and noise gate you’ve come to expect. We’ve really outdone ourselves and stepped up the recall and automation features of this console by sourcing the strongest motors available on the market for a feature we call ULTRAmation. Recall your settings with lightning speed, but watch your fingers!

Capture that vintage brightness you’ve come to know and love on hit record after hit record from your kitchen, your living room, or your studio apartment!


All for only $599!!!*

Available for pre-order on April 31, 2022.

  • 73 individual channels based on that classic British console beloved by all
  • Unwieldy size
  • Compression, decompression, aggression, transgression, and for when you just need to delete a track - secession
  • EQ, FQ, HQ, and as a possible upgrade - ZQ
  • Solid-state FET preamps that go to 12
  • Lightning quick ULTRAmation fader motors
  • The ultimate flex in home recording

*plus $1,000,000 shipping and handling

Pre-order Available April 31, 2022

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