Chris Montgomery

Engineer, Mixer & Producer

(The Lumineers, Mumford And Sons, Liam Payne, The Killers, Ed Sheeran, Hailee Steinfeld)


Warm Audio Gear Used:

"We have been using Warm Audio products since 2018 and they have transformed the entire sonic landscape of our studio. The gear that Warm Audio provides has allowed us to replicate the tones of vintage audio equipment at a fraction of the cost, while adding some modern and much welcomed new features. Despite these low costs, there is no apparent compromise when it comes to build quality or sonic impact. As much as we all love to compare these units to their original counterparts, they also stand alone with their own unique character which suits our modern landscape of music production. We look forward to seeing what Warm Audio will hit us with next and, it goes without saying, we will clear a space in the racks to accommodate! "
Chris Montgomery


Chris Montgomery is a professional audio engineer and producer living and working in Los Angeles. Chris brings a musical heritage from one of the most prolific and diverse music scenes in Glasgow and has applied his unique musical education to his work in studio, live and field audio production.

Notable artists include: The Lumineers, Mumford And Sons, Liam Payne, The Killers, Florence And The Machine, Ed Sheeran, Hailee Steinfeld and Damien Rice. ​

Chris is currently touring as Front Of House engineer with pop superstar, JessieJ. Having just finished their UK/European leg, they are now state side. Chris is also currently mixing Front Of House for #1 selling artist, Liam Payne.