Julia Dettwiler

Singer / Songwriter



Julia Dettwiler, founder of award-winning indie rock band Lunar Rogue, started out wanting to be a social worker. As a volunteer at a homeless shelter, she cared for children and chose her career path accordingly. It wasn't until she was in college that she got pushed into the lead singer role in a band by a friend. Only signing on as a temporary "fill in" for rehearsals until a lead singer could be found, Julia got roped into performing a show and immediately fell in love with the stage. She remained the front woman for Grayson Wray Project for 2 years. After leaving GWP, Julia began writing music for the the first time. A month later she had enough songs to start her own project. With the help of Craigslist, she built a band and created Lunar Rogue.

As a child Julia had live music around her constantly with her parents and aunt and uncle rocking out in the garage every weekend. Her parents tried to get her to take singing lessons and piano lessons, but Julia chose to play softball instead. Being the supportive family they are, they coached and team-mommed and traveled with/for her. Although it was not music, softball was still very valuable in teaching the leadership and teamwork skills which she still relies on today for music. She enjoyed playing sports and had no desire to be a singer or songwriter. Yet somehow, Lunar Rogue is now Julia's pride and joy.

Lunar Rogue found a quick start in the scene, having already played headlining shows at the Whisky, Viper Room, House of Blues in Hollywood and Anaheim, Cat Club, Key Club, Roxy, and Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas and Hollywood. Growing success includes being awarded “Female Band of the Year” in 2017 by Indie Artists Magazine, “International Independent Band of the Year” in years 2013 through 2016 as well as the all time highest rated band in 2015 by Spiderwebradio, the #1 highest ranked rock radio station on the internet, where numerous tracks have remained in the Top 15 Artists chart every week since first spinning on the station in May 2013. The song “Another Night, Another Day” from their unreleased album was awarded “Song of the Year” in 2017 by KB Radio. In 2014 they were also nominated for “Band of the Year” by Woodbangers Entertainment, and their music videos for “Lonely” and “Pretty Little Mess” have been selected and screened at KSCR Radio’s Music Video Festivals in Hollywood, CA. “Lonely” was nominated for a Radio KSCR award in 2016. Being featured in magazines (such as Rock n Roll Industries Magazine, Indie Artists Magazine, ION Indie Music Magazine, Woodbangers Magazine, and InterMixx) and interviewed on several TV and radio shows, has given them a platform to raise awareness for Infinite Hero Foundation. It is a cause the entire band sees as “important and worth working hard to get the word out”. Lunar Rogue’s first full length debut album was released on October 26, 2013. They are currently working on a new album to release in 2018. More than 50 radio stations spin songs from the first album. There are a few who have and spin some of the unreleased tracks from the second album.

Julia co-founded Magazine Smile with Debra Trujillo. Although this is more of a side project for both of them and only a few songs have been released, several radio stations have taken notice and liking to the more mellow stylings of Magazine Smile and keep them in rotation on their stations.

Having a versitile voice has given Julia the opportunity to record and perform with metal band Heavy Justice, rap artist SOLO, Latin band Rumba Buena, and pop band Beautiful Gambler.

Warm Audio Gear

  • WA-47 - Tube Condenser Microphone

"I fell in Love with the WA-47 the first time I heard that sweet, vintage sound. The clarity and warmth... it just makes me happy."
Julia Dettwiler