Larry Braggs


(Tower of Power, The Temptations, David Sanborn, Bob James, Marcus Miller)


Warm Audio Gear Used:

“Since I’ve started using the Warm Audio vocal microphones in the studio, I’ve noticed that my vocals are clearer and crisper, and I don’t get the over-processed sound that I hear in other microphones. My engineer and I love that Warm sound, not to play on words, that it gives my voice no matter what style of music I am recording. Whether I’m belting out the powerful soul music I’m known for or R&B, jazz, or just doing voiceovers, the Warm microphone can handle the highs and the lows. And no matter how much power you push through it, it’s still crystal clear and clean without distortion. I’ve recorded mini vocal tracks on the Warm Audio W47 Junior, and now I’ve even stepped up to the Warm 8000, and I’m telling you, from Jr to the 8000, you cannot go wrong with Warm Audio products!"
Larry Braggs


Larry Braggs is passionate, powerful and very spiritual. These are also the amazing attributes of his voice. Cut from the same cloth as some of the world’s greatest vocalists, Larry has one of the most notable voices in the music industry. With a vocal range over three octaves and a command of the stage like no other, Larry has become one of the most electrifying entertainers on tour. This has gained him the respect and praise of his peers and fans all over the world. Larry Braggs was the lead vocalist for the legendary soul band Tower of Power for 14 years 1999- 2013. Now as a solo artist, he is becoming one of the most sought-after singers in the business. Touring almost two hundred days out of the year Larry is a powerful force of talent to see!