The Native Howl

"Thrash Grass" Band


Warm Audio Gear Used:

We love the versatility and quality of Warm Audio! Every vocalist in our group has a very different and unique timbre, and our WA-8000 seems to compliment each of them perfectly. Also, our WA-87 superbly captures Alex's aggressive acoustic-guitar playing in ways that other microphones simply cannot.
The Native Howl


The Native Howl is an American band from Leonard, MI. Their 2016 release of "Thrash Grass" unleashed the newly-coined genre of the same name, combining the aggressiveness and intensity of thrash metal with the melodicism and precision of bluegrass. In 2022, the band won the inaugural season of "No Cover" and subsequently signed with Sumerian Records, with their first major-label release slated for 2023.