Making a Scene Reviews WA-47JR

Making A Scene recently reviewed the WA-47JR microphone. Check out a snippet below and read the full review here.

“Now, if you have a home studio or your building up a studio to bring in other artists to record, selecting quality microphones to add to your collection is important. The WA47jr at $299 MSRP is well within just about any budget while still giving you a good quality microphone built well with high quality components. Warm Audio has steadily been gaining a reputation for producing great recording equipment from compressors and Preamps to Microphones. So much so, I can pretty much guarantee you will find their equipment in even some of the most discerning studios. 

So if you want to add a good low cost microphone with a wide variety of uses, I can definately recommend the Warm Audio WA47jr! Don’t let the “jr” fool you, this microphone is not junior in its ability to become a workhorse in your mic collection.