Music Connection Reviews WA-84

Barry Rudolph – an engineer/mixer who has worked on 30+ gold and platinum records recently reviewed the WA-84 for Music Connection.

“I tried the WA-84 on a drum kit both as a close snare drum mic and as a mono overhead. Two of the original 84 mics were awesome as drum overheads in the 1970s. For close in on a five-inch Ludwig Black Beauty, I put the WA-84 out about seven-inches away and aimed at the center of the drum. I tried with and without the -10dB pad–the pad is necessary this close to a drum and you’ll need a small “tweaker” tool to access the attenuator slide switch on the side of the mic. I like the sound in this position–it was bright, transient-rich and dynamic sounding with plenty of detail heard including the snares rattling around. I used the included shock mount and foam windscreen here. “

Read the full review here.