Sweetwater’s Hottest New Gear of 2020: Featuring the WA-67

Thanks to Sweetwater for listing the WA-67 microphone in their Hottest New Gear of 2020 list!

“Achieving a classic tube-condenser sound doesn’t need to cost you thousands. At least, not if you get a Warm Audio WA-67. This large-diaphragm condenser microphone was built using top-quality, all-discrete components, including a custom-made K67-style capsule, an EF86 pentode tube, WIMA and Solen capacitors, and a custom Lundahl large-core transformer. The WA-67 is both rich and warm, lending a sound to vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, drum overheads — basically anything — that most project studios have considered unobtainable. Well, it’s within reach now! The WA-67 is well equipped to be your new studio workhorse, boasting cardioid, omni, and figure-8 polar patterns; a -10dB pad; and a highpass filter. And you get modern reliability to boot! The WA-67 comes with a spider shockmount, a hearty power supply, and a premium, Swiss-built 7-pin audio cable.”

Read the full list here.