Matt Kent




Matt began writing songs on the piano when he was 5 years old. He truly connected with performing and singing for an audience after joining his high schools choir. After being offered a solo during one of the school choir receptions, a light was turned on within Matt. He loved the feeling of being on stage, sharing his gift and the energy he received back from the audience. He knew at that moment, he could make a difference and a big impact with his music.

Matt is a perfectionist at his core, devoting himself fully and completely to all projects he takes on. He feels it is his responsibility to his craft and audience. When asked to write a song, Matt dives deep into his own personal experiences, weaving the lyrics with his memories, but allowing room for the listener to envision their own journey or experiences as well.

​Matt is deeply devoted to mastering the violin and piano, he can often be found rehearsing and playing throughout the night deeply in flow with the beautiful melodies and notes that so easily pour out of him. Matt has said that if he could play and write music for the rest of his life then it would feel like he never worked a day in his life, just living in a place of total and complete flow and joy. Matt uses his music as a tool to work through his fears and help lay roots to his dreams.