Nicky Ash

Singer / Songwriter / Recording Artist.



Hailing from the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, Singer-Songwriter & recording artist Nicky Ash hit the ground running in music in 2001 when she began performing at the age of 4. Since then, she has blossomed into a consummate singer and performer throughout the past few years. Nicky’s talent and drive reveal an uncommon work ethic that is sure to keep her moving onward and upward. Her immaculate voice has a transportive quality that sets her apart from her peers in modern music, and her versatility and passion show her commitment to the art.

Though just starting out, Nicky has already received awards, critical acclaim, and overall positive recognition. The early list of accomplishments already includes:

  • The Industry Award, awarded by Bob Hope at Hollywood Palladium
  • Singing at the opening ceremony of the Dance World Cup in Croatia, 2012
  • Title Holder of Little Miss South Africa
  • Title Holder of Miss International Princess & Grande Supreme Talent Winner, 2015
  • International dancer; compete and took part in several shows in the United States and Europe

Warm Audio Gear

  • WA-47 - Tube Condenser Microphone