Chris Frazier

(Foreigner, Drums)


"The W84 offers a crisp clean full body sound on hi hats with little or no eq needed. I can’t live without it now!"
Chris Frazier


Chris Frazier was born in Washington DC September 7th 1962. Sired by Ron Frazier, an actor who was featured in various films and television shows. Janet Johnson (Mother) was a singer pursuing a music career in Massachusetts and was featured on Paul Winter albums. Chris was surrounded by music and artists as a child so naturally he was influenced to play music at an early age. Chris started drums at 5 years old and played in school jazz bands as well as local bands before moving to L.A. to pursue a career in music. Over the years, he has recorded and performed with Steve Vai, Foreigner, Edgar Winter, Eddie Money, Whitesnake, Carole King, Tiffany, Doro Pesch, Michael Sadler, Eric Sardinas and Doug Aldrich as well as performing on soundtracks like “That thing you do”, “Gremlins”, “Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure”, “Wayne’s world” to name a few. Chris currently tours and records with Foreigner and lives in Nashville where he continues his career.