Clifton Miles

Producer / Engineer



Clifton Miles is an American Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Producer. Located in San Antonio, TX, Clifton has been prolific in his producing, engineering, and mixing over the last decade between Dead Room Recording Studio, and now his new full service facility Stone Creek Sound. Clifton Miles is also the founder and engineer behind ToneCrate, a worldwide subscription service that delivers amp profiles each month from top artists and producers. 


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Warm Audio gear has been a staple of every record i've made for the last 2 years. The quality, low price point and amazing customer service made Warm Audio the clear winner when choosing to buy some new preamps, compressors and EQ. My favorite piece of gear is the WA-76, I use it on everything from recording vocals, or bass guitar to mixing when it goes on my mono room, vocal or snare track. Warm Audio continues to push the boundaries with new gear and I know that I can rely on them to deliver the quality that meets my standards, because I trust the brand.
Clifton Miles - Producer / Engineer