david dominguez

Producer, Mixer & Engineer

(Guns N' Roses, Staind, Papa Roach, Weezer)



In January of ‘98 David Dominguez got an opportunity of a lifetime when he had the chance to work with one of his favorite bands of all time (sort of) ...Guns N’ Roses. Even if it was just Axl Rose and keyboardist Dizzy Reed left in the band, they made history. Being the first engineer with the “new” band was a task not to be taken lightly, an intense set­up on top of giving the technical rundown to potential producers like Youth, Scott Litt and Jay Baumgardner among others could have been intimidating and at times it was....a bit. It was that chance meeting with Baumgardner that gave Dave is his next break after leaving the GN’R sessions Dave showed up at NRG to work a fill­in session but when a scheduling conflict left him out in the cold he was offered an opportunity to work with Jay on a demo session with a band from Sacramento called Papa Roach.

When a deal was struck with Dreamworks and the band with Jay in the producers chair, Jay offered Dave the engineering gig and that record, “Infest” spent eight weeks in the Top 10 on the Billboard charts and the single “Last Resort” was a #1 Modern Rock track on Billboard...4 million records later, here we stand. It was his work with Jay and Papa Roach that caught the ear of producer Josh Abraham and after their first meeting, Josh asked Dave to sit in the engineer’s chair for Powerman 5000 which then led to sessions with Orgy and Staind . Staind’s record “Break The Cycle” hit #1 on the Billboard Album Chart and stayed there for three weeks and their 1st single from that record, “It’s Been Awhile” spent weeks on Billboard’s Modern Rock and Mainstream Rock Charts.

​He was also apart of the 90’s most influential Alt Rock records, “Pinkerton”, having recorded some guitars for Weezer, Dave still gets questions regarding those sessions, “it’s funny that I still get asked about that record, it was such a quick session (about a week), they were in and out. I’ll read an article about what’s influencing the new bands out today and a lot of them respond with Pinkerton, that’s still a very cool feeling, even if it was a quick gig.” Lately, Dave has lent his engineering talents to Queen Latifah, record vocals for her upcoming

record and the new “Ice Age”soundtrack and to YouTube sensations Ninja Sex Party. NSP has put 4 albums on the Billboard Top 10 comedy charts over the last few years. He’s also done extensive work for Warrior Records engineering and mixing Louis Prima Jr and the Witnesses last record along with engineering and mixing The Voice season 3 contestant Rudy Parris’ debut album. He’s been producing indie artist from all around the country, he’s a music fan first and foremost so when asked what type of music he like working on most, he says “I love it all, all genres. I don't want to limit myself to one style of music, that takes the fun out of life”.

Audio Lounge Productions

Los Angeles, California

Warm Audio Gear

  • WA76 Discrete Compressor


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I first saw the Warm Audio booth at NAMM and I was instantly interested in checking out everything. I was talking to a friend about NAMM and mentioned Warm Audio and he said the artist he was working with just bought a WA76. They let me borrow it for a couple of days and I first recorded bass guitar and was instantly impressed. It was the glue I needed, the bass to sat in the track and fit exactly where it should with the drums, whether I pushed it or eased back it was present and fat. I next tried it on vocals, it was right there I decided I needed one. The vocal was warm, thick and sat right on top of the track without sounding mushy or soft. The rest of the session, I strapped a cross whatever I could and it worked well everytime.
David Dominguez