Harrison Perks

(Producer / Mixer / Engineer / Composer / Songwriter)



Harrison Perks is a producer, mixer, engineer, composer, and songwriter from Bournemouth, UK. Harrisons affinity with music began at the age of 3, playing the drums, violin, bass, guitar, and piano. Over the past 5 years, Harrison has composed more than a thousand pieces of music in Rock, Pop, Dance, Rap, and Classical Compositions.

As a multi-instrumentalist and multi-genre producer, Harrison has worked with emerging internationally signed Naipia, The UK Voice Finalist Lloren, International Trance Singer Christina Novelli, Classic Rock band The Answer, and many emerging artists from the BBC introducing circuit.

In 2015, Harrison founded HP Music: a recording, production, and development studio. Now in its 5th Year, HP Music is regarded as the No.1 development studio in the South UK, creating music and content for emerging and established artists, from music production, recording, distribution, artist marketing, and music videos.

In 2016, Harrison founded the ‘Artist Development’ program at HP Music, allowing artists to be able to gain all of the studio services at an affordable monthly cost. To date there have been over 50 artists on the development roster, achieving multiple successes with label and management deals, furthering many artists' careers.

In 2018, Harrison signed an international publishing deal with Spanra Music for Sync production. Using his passion for classical music, Harrison has created multiple tracks for Television and Film consideration.

Late 2018, in partnership with Danmark Music Group, Harrison created his own distribution platform, to allow artists to distribute their music created with HP Music as a label.

Now in 2020, Harrison is focusing on releasing music under his own name working with featured artists and clients he has composed with previously.

Warm Audio Gear:

  • 1 x WA 251 Condenser Mic
  • 3 x WA - 76 Compressor
  • 1 x WA273 - EQ
  • 1 x EQP-WA Equalizer

"I use lots of different compression in my studio but my go to compressor is the WA-76. It really catches the performance of the singer without being too harsh and delivered a fantastic tone . Paired up with the WA-251 you cannot go wrong."
Harrison Perks