My Dear Wendy

Singer / Songwriter / Pianist / Multi-Instrumentalist



Born and raised in an Atlanta suburb, Amanda Gunnels always had a passion for music. She began taking classical piano lessons in elementary school, and quickly evolved into a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter by the end of high school. Though piano is still her main instrument, Amanda is proficient on bass guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, and vocals.

After moving to Los Angeles and attending Musician's Institute, Amanda decided to upgrade her music and create My Dear Wendy. A songwriting project that continues to be the focus of her musical career. My Dear Wendy performs and records to release music and also makes it available for publishing and other artists.

Amanda recently began working as a dueling pianist. She began her dueling career at Howl at the Moon- Hollywood, and has now played at many renowned clubs across the country including The Shout! House San Diego, Tickler's on Bourbon St, New Orleans, The Big Bang in Nashville, and Savannah Smiles in Georgia.

Now, she has relocated to Nashville, Tennessee to get back to her songwriting roots. Though dueling pianos is a part of her career that she loves, songwriting has always been her passion and she has begun recording her next album with My Dear Wendy. Look out for some new songs and videos coming soon!