(Songwriter / Engineer/ Producer)


Warm Audio Gear Used:


Born in Brisbane, Australia Jason ‘Space’ Smith moved to Los Angeles, CA in April of 2001. His then band Memento signed with Columbia Records and EMI Music Publishing for which he was the guitarist and songwriter for. Upon releasing their debut album ‘Beginnings’ produced by Toby Wright and Mixed by Brendan O’Brien, Memento toured with bands such as Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, CKY, Papa Roach, Audioslave, Disturbed and Atreyu. Memento gained moderate top 20 rock radio success until the band broke up in 2005 when he committed his time to focus on co-writing and producing.

He started cowriting with artists gaining top 20 success on the Billboard charts with songs such as ‘Stand’ from Candlebox (Into The Sun) and ‘Fake It’ and ‘Waste’ by Seether earning him his first Gold and Platinum RIAA certification with the album ‘Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces’. Space also co-wrote and played guitar on the song ‘Into The Sky’ by the band Radioblack which entered the top 40 Billboard Mainstream Rock chart in 2018.

In 2010 he formed the duo Digital Daggers who have been featured in Television shows including The Vampire Diaries, How To Get Away With Murder, Orange Is The New Black, Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, The Originals, Degrassi: The Next Generation, CSI:NY and many others. His movie credits also include The Kissing Booth, The Roommate and As Above So Below.

I learned very quickly, after having been signed to a major label, that creating and owning my own master recordings was a key element to success in our ever changing music industry. Maintaining relationships with other hungry musicians like myself and sharing our knowledge and experience is key to our growth. Every day learning new skills within our field to keep ourselves fresh and on our toes from a professional and business standpoint.

It was a lot of trial and error in the early stages of my career. From only having plug-ins and Pro Tools as my original resource to present day with great analog gear from Warm Audio I now have a better understanding of how things work.

It’s just a lot more fun to work within a tactile environment. Turning real knobs and the click of real buttons channeling my audio through tubes and transformers gives my music a more visceral flavor that you just can not achieve relying on software emulation. I love every Warm Audio component I own and use for work.

Space is currently working on his new project which he views as a continuation of Digital Daggers entitled CAVES in which he will continue to not only be the multi-instrumentalist, producer and writer but also vocal duties.

I released a male vocal rock based EP under the moniker Hoax Party for Audio Network/Hasbro in 2020 which has been used in many Film & TV placements. It was heavily inspired by the band Royal Blood which gave me an opportunity to embellish upon my vocal abilities to match the confidence I have within my instrumental skills. CAVES will be something of a Peter Gabriel meets Nine Inch Nails journey that I am extremely excited about.


Signal chain is extremely important as much as getting that very special take. When I am using the WA273-EQ I can trust that anything that I send to it is getting captured in the best way possible thanks to it’s eq. When I am ready to commit to printing I always re-route my tracked audio into the WA76 to make sure that the track’s color shines right in your face.

I have always tried to find the perfect fuzz. As a huge Hendrix fan one the best fuzz sounds in my opinion is that of The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice and the Foxy Tone Box is damn near close if not a perfect rendition of whatever it was that Jimi used on that obscure track.

Having often struggled to bring my mixes to larger than life status via myriad of software emulated bus compressors available today. The search for my bus compressor ended the moment I started incorporating Warm Audio’s BUS-COMP not only on final mixes but also sometimes to individual tracks prior to mixing. The side-chain feature is fantastic on analog synths to bring them to life adding a silky smooth yet pumping flavor.