Steve Stout

Self/produced/mixed DIY Indie/Psych/Folk




Also One half of ØZWALD. Lifehouse guitarist. Lost Beach collaborator. Former Blondfire guitarist. 'Dairy Made' is a collection of songs about growing up in suburban New Jersey, and the things that have changed in life since moving to Boston-->LA-->Nashville. Somehow the suburbia crept back in, but the world feels a whole lot bigger now. Hope you enjoy the tunes - feel free to reach out on Instagram and check out my recording blog.

"I've been working in my buddy Jason's studio for years now with tons of outboard pres etc, decided it was time to start building my own space as well. The Warm 273-EQ sounds big warm and punchy! Holds up to anything else I've used before and we just got a second unit for Jay's place as well! The EQ in the midrange is killer for getting funky guitars to cut through the mix in that Beatles kinda way. "

Steve Stout