All-Tube, Transformer-Balanced Optical Compressor
MSRP $1199

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  • Accurately Recreating World-Class Scandinavian Compression Combining Smooth Tube-Optical Warmth With Precision Controls
  • Custom-Core Large Transformers From Scandinavian Manufacturer, Lundahl In Sweden
  • Premium Tubes
  • True-To-Spec 270 Volt, 100% Discrete Analog Signal Path - Handwired With Through-Hole Components


Single channel ’2A Style tube optical compressor
MSRP $949

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  • Authentic reproduction of the most revered compressor and leveling amplifier in recording history
  • Custom CineMag USA Transformers
  • Fully discrete, all-tube signal path
  • USA made Kenetek opto-cell attenuator T4’ style module
  • Premium Tung-Sol and Electro-Harmonix tubes


2-Channel VCA Bus Compressor
MSRP $799

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  • True Reproduction Of Console-Grade Bus Compression That Delivers The Sound Of Modern, Final Mixes
  • Selectable discrete opamp stage with CineMag USA Transformers
  • External side chain source select
  • Compressor engage switch for easy A/B compress vs. no-compress comparison
  • Based on legendary VCA Bus Compressor technology


Single channel discrete FET compressor
MSRP $699

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  • Accurate Reproduction Of The Most Powerful And Precise Studio Compressor Of All Time
  • Custom CineMag USA Transformers
  • True to the Classic ‘76 compressor in design and performance
  • Fully discrete signal path
  • Modeled after the D revision
  • Supports the famous “all buttons in” ratio setting