It All Starts With a Good Microphone

While dynamic microphones are great and very popular for podcasting, professional broadcasters know the added value to their sound when using a condenser microphone.

Condenser microphones provide both greater frequency response and output level, which results in a better sound for you. Because condenser microphones are able to capture higher frequencies, it gives your podcast a detailed and clear, and warmer sound. However, this can also lead to picking up ambient noise if you are not in a quiet environment, which is why it is very important to have a good and quiet recording space.


Condenser Microphone | $299


The WA-47JR is perfect for breaking into the condenser microphone market for podcasting. It’s small, affordable, and extremely versatile.



Condenser Microphone | $599


The WA-87 is based on one of the most popular condenser microphones in broadcasting that is used by some of the radio’s top personalities. The WA-87 is perfect for any podcasters that wish to upgrade their sound to sound like a true professional. 87-style microphones are known for their warm tone and the WA-87 is no exception.

Every Microphone Needs a Great Microphone Preamp

If you are going to use an XLR microphone then a microphone preamp is a must. A mic preamp has two main functions: The first is it amplifies the sound picked up by your microphone and brings it up to a level that’s loud enough to be recorded by your recording software. It also supplies the microphone with a small amount of power.

A good preamp should do more than the basic functions though. In fact, they should help make your microphone sound better, not just louder. A microphone preamp can help shape and transform your tone - making your podcast sound clear and professional.


Discrete Microphone Preamp | $469


The WA12 MKII is designed to improve and shape your recording. The WA12 MKII helps bring your podcast to life and adds a professional touch that is unmatched for its price point. It’s also small and compact, so it’s perfect for recording anywhere.



British Mic Preamp | $599


The WA73 is based off of a vintage style microphone preamp that is known for being extremely versatile. What really shines with the WA73 is the custom Carnhill transformers, which saturate your sound perfectly. 

Achieve The Ultimate Sound With a Compressor

A compressor is a must-have for anyone who wants a professional sounding podcast. A compressor helps balance extreme volume changes by limiting the dynamic range (the difference in dBa between the loudest and softest audio in the recording). - which gives your recording a more consistent listening level.


Discrete Compressor | $469





Opto Compressor | $599




Other Recommended Gear

  • Audio Interface
  • Mic Stand
  • Headphones
  • Cable
  • Pop Filter