Recording Rock Drums Using A Three Microphone LCR Array For Overheads featuring Mike Exeter

In this first installment of four videos Mike talks about how he uses three Warm Audio WA-87 microphones to capture a Left, Centre and Right picture of the drum kit. He talks about his ideas and reasons for mic positioning and demonstrates how he keeps all three mics in phase by keeping the three mics the same distance away from the snare drum, using the time-honored method of using a microphone cable in place of a tape measure.

At the end of the video you can hear the drums first without the produced backing then just the LCR overhead recordings.

Watch the video tutorial here.

You can also check out James’ review of the Warm Audio WA-87 mic to see if it has a place in your mic locker.

What’s Next?

In the next video in this series, James and Mike will be looking at how they recorded the kick drum using a Shure Beta 91A and a Warm Audio WA-47 Junior.