Adam Kagan

Producer, Mixer & Engineer

( Gladys Knight, Rupaul, The Swedish House Mafia )



With two decades of experience in the recording industry as a producer, mixer, engineer and designer, I've worked on dozens of Grammy nominated, gold and platinum selling records. Artists I've worked with range from Gladys Knight to The Swedish House Mafia. From hip-hop tracks to orchestra recording and film mixing - I've been lucky enough to be involved with so many award-winning and creatively gifted projects. My background includes the study of music. electrical engineering, and acoustics, which has led me to work extensively in music, multimedia and as a developer of software and hardware.

I currently produce, mix and master projects for major labels, multimedia and film studios and independent artists. My private studio is in Los Angeles, but I travel wherever needed.

Besides creating audio, I am involved with Cathedral Pipes Microphones and Elephant Development Software, creating modern tools for recording and production.

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Warm Audio Gear

  • WA76 Discrete Compressor: (vocals and all instruments on all songs) - New District - Produced, Mixed & Engineered
  • EQP-WA Tube Equalizer: (vocals and all instruments on all songs) - New District - Produced, Mixed & Engineered
  • EQP-WA Tube Equalizer: (all instruments) - Jackroy Li - Studio Album "Its Now Or Never", "City Of Angels" - Mixed & Mastered


"My Warm Audio gear sounds great and stands up to the vintage analog gear that I rely on during tracking and mixing. The WA-76, WA-2A and EQP-WA have become standard on all my productions and mixes."
Adam Kagan