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WA76 Discrete FET Compressor

Accurate reproduction of the most powerful and adaptable studio compressor / limiting amplifier of all time
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Classic Style

The WA76 Discrete Compressor is a modern reproduction of the Classic '76 Revision D. The WA76 has a fully discrete signal path and uses the original Reichenbach Engineering's (now CineMag) transformer design. The classic '76 was a major breakthrough in limiter technology, and used on hundreds of hit records since its inception. Engineers have craved the ultra-fast attack time and trademark sound of the '76 for decades, and now it is finally affordable!

Our goal was to make a compressor of this pedigree affordable for the first time, without compromising the quality and design parameters that make this type of compressor so desirable. 

All Buttons In

The WA76 can reproduce the classic effect known as ‘All Buttons In’ mode, sometimes also referred to as ‘British Mode’ or the ‘Four Button Trick’. Originally an accident due to the mechanical nature of the interconnected latching switches, this mode is reproduced by pushing in all four ratio buttons simultaneously and getting them to latch. This can take a bit of practice. The resulting compression curve is aggressive and unmistakably unique, and can be heard on the drum tracks of many classic recordings.

All-buttons-in compression is typically characterized by having a very aggressive compression ratio, attack and release curves that are more drastic plateaus opposed to gentler slopes, and more audible distortion or ‘overdrive’ on the signal. Initial transients are more likely to come through loudly, followed by heavy compression curve sometimes described as having a ‘sucking’ effect as the compressor releases. Because this mode is considered a design accident, faithfully maintained; it is normal for the meter function to ‘peg out’ and cease providing accurate metering.

Premium Components

We have faithfully reproduced the circuitry of the revision D, generally considered one of the best and most popular among the different versions made over the years. We’ve used all discrete, through-hole components, high quality CineMag input and output transformers, and a class A circuit that stays true to the legacy design.



Technical Specifications

  • Utilizes premium grade input and output CineMag USA Transformers.

  • True to the Classic '76 compressor in design and performance.

  • Completely discrete signal path.

  • Modeled after the D revision.

  • Supports the famous "all buttons in" ratio setting.

  • Ultra fast attack time.

  • Class A line level output amplifier.

  • Input impedance - 600 ohms, bridges-T control (floating).

  • Frequency Response ± 1 dB 20 Hz to 20kHz.
  • XLR and TRS inputs. XLR and TRS outputs.

  • 50db of gain.

  • Less than 0.4% total harmonic distortion from 50 Hz to 20 kHz with limiting.

  • Signal to noise ratio is greater than 74 dB at +25 dBm.

  • EIN -104.1 dbm.

  • Attack time, 20 microseconds to 800 microseconds.

  • Release time, 50 milliseconds to 1 second.

  • Meter provides dB gain reduction and dB output.


  • 19″ Rackmount chassis, 2U.


In this example, a microphone is feeding into a preampflier, which feeds into the WA76 via a balanced XLR patch cable, which feeds into the LINE LEVEL input of your recording interface/recorder.

Note: it is important to use a line level input on your recording device as opposed to a microphone or instrument level input.

In this example, the WA76 is being routed as an insert into a recording device. This is useful for using the WA76 as an “analog plug-in” or insert for mix-down. The recording device is feeding the WA76 with a balanced 1/4” cable via a line output. Then, the recording device is capturing the WA76 via a LINE LEVEL input.

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Nominations & Awards


“Warm Audio has the Warm Analog sound I have been trying to attain for a long time. Both compressors have the highest quality and make my job so much easier! I strongly recommend them.”

Oscar Autie - (Jackson Browne, Diego El Cigala, Omar Sosa, Gema Corredera, Conjunto Cespedes)

"We love the tone that Warm Audio brings to my vocal chain. It will be used everywhere on our upcoming record!"

Beck Black

"The WA76 stands up extremely well to my collection of compressors, which include Summit, UREI, Inward Connections, Focusrite, and a few custom pieces."

adam kagan - tape op magazine