Alex Estrada 



Warm Audio Gear Used:

I use my Warm Audio gear on every single project whether it's my WA-251 on lead vocals, My EQP-WA on Bass or my Bus-Comp across the mix - Warm Audio gear has become an integral part of my sound in the studio. I always look forward to what they will come up with next."

Alex Estrada


Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA  Estrada comes from a diverse musical background. The son of a world renowned Mariachi musician and a former professional Folklorico dancer - He was raised in the studio as well as on stage. As front man of Alternative / Electronic rock band Silver Snakes he released 4 full length albums and toured the United States and Europe with the likes of Korn, Glassjaw, Combichrist, Coheed and Cambria, Bring Me The Horizon, Chevelle and more. Known for his experimental production style as well as his keen sense of melody, Estrada has been a frequent collaborator in the studio with LA legends Touche Amore and Joyce Manor.