Billy Mannino

(Producer / Mixer)



Billy learned under Deerhunter/As Tall As Lions producer Mike Watts at VuDu Studio on Long Island where he began earning his own reputation as a producer and mixer in the always bustling scene. Most notably having worked with Oso Oso on both their sophomore release and their 2017 critically acclaimed breakthrough album “the yunahon mixtape”, Billy then joined the band on the touring circuit before landing back home and opening Two Worlds Recording Studio in Whitestone, Queens.

Warm Audio Gear Used

  • 1x WA472x WA47 jr.
  • 2x WA14
  • 1x EQP-WA
  • 1x WA2A
  • 1x BUS COMP
  • 2x WA73-EQ

After being introduced to the eqp-wa 6 years ago, I haven’t recorded a single guitar, vocal or bass without it since. Even with the dials flat, the warmth and texture the unit adds is a key part of my sound. While having access to two vintage U47 microphones for years, I still chose the warm47 every time for its identical but noiseless character, it’s reliability and consistency.
Billy Mannino