Chelsea Grin

(Metal Band)



Chelsea Grin is a metal band formed in 2007, based primarily out of Salt Lake City. Throughout their spanning career, they’ve implemented influences and sounds from throughout the metal genre, and continue to refine their craft with every release. Their unique style has made them a staple of the modern metal community, with five full lengths, two EP’s and a new album in the works. Their relentless touring schedule has taken them around the world many times over, alongside some of the most revered acts in their scene, and featured extensively on festival circuits. When not touring, Stephen and Pablo run their own studios where they offer production, engineering, and mixing/mastering services. 

Warm Audio Gear Used:

  • WA-73 EQ
  • WA-76
  • WA-2A
  • EQP-WA
  • Jet Phaser Pedal

“I couldn’t be more impressed with the quality and detailed replications of Warm Audio’s products. The clarity, warmth and presence that my vocal chain provides is a producer and engineer’s dream. The detail and liveliness I can inject into instruments has taken my tone diving to a whole new tier of fidelity. There was life before Warm, and now there is life with Warm - I’ll never look back."
Stephen Rutishauser

“I’m loving my WA-73 EQ and WA-2A. They’ve taken my mixes, especially vocals, to another level of pristine sound and detail. Working to record bands has never sounded better or been easier, and I have Warm Audio to thank for that. I cannot wait to keep adding pieces to my arsenal!”
Pablo Viveros