Derek Garten

(Taylor Swift, Jewel, Brittany Howard, Midland, Lady A, The Jenkins Twins, Mira Goto



Derek Garten is a music producer, mixer, writer, and co-owner of Prime Recording in Nashville. He has collaborated with acclaimed artists including Taylor Swift, Jewel, Brittany Howard, Midland, Lady A, The Jenkins Twins, Mira Goto, and Hungarian rock/folk band Ferenczi György és a Rackajam. His original music has appeared in the Memories feature in the Apple Photos app, and his work with Chaos Emeralds has received several television placements including HBO’s Search Party, among others. Most recently, Derek served as engineer, editor, and mixer on Taylor Swift's “Taylor’s Version” re-records including Fearless, Red, and Speak Now as well as the 2023 re-release of “Safe and Sound” featuring Joy Williams and John Paul White.

"The Warm Audio CX12 is one of my go-to microphones at PRIME Recording. It's a no-frills mic that gets the job done. It's versatile enough to capture anything from Hungarian folk music to the biggest pop artist in the world. I have loved using it on drums, acoustics, piano, vocals, and literally the kitchen sink.

The best part is you don’t need a plugin to use it. It focuses on delivering an expensive sound that can work in a variety of settings at such a value. And it does that job really well. If you're looking for a classic microphone that can cover a lot of ground and won't cost you the price of a new car, the CX12 is definitely worth checking out!

I pair it up with the most used mic pre in my maxed out studio rack, the WA-73EQ. The EQ sounds great and it’s just right there in the moment you need it, not lost in some plug-in folder. I also love combining the pre with a pair of WA-251’s or WA-67’s."

Derek Garten