The Falling Doves

(Alternative Rock Band)


Warm Audio Gear Used:

"I worked on my last album in some incredible studios, in Sydney, Japan, Milan and the Uk but something was missing on the mix, upon my return to the states ; I began working on the mix and the preamps that the studio was using to mix my stuff were from Warm Audio, the tonal distortion and warm visibility in its aural waves made my album sound so much better I remixed my album with their compressors - and I finally was happy!"
Falling Doves


After deriving influence from brit rock giants such as Oasis and Echo & The Bunnymen, Christopher Leyva & The Falling Doves, are ready to bring a new yet familiar sound with to the stage.

Best described as electric rock with enigmatic storytelling that will lure you in with one listen, The Falling Doves are creating a sound all their own. Setting themselves apart with Sex drenched vocals layered over more subtle melodic moments, The Falling Doves are a true force to be reckoned with.

Among a sea of carbon copies, the band has taken the leap from Hollywood to touring the world - and they're doing a damn good job. A fusion of post punk stadium rock arrogance sprinkled with garage rock familiarity, The Falling Doves are winning over fans with their larger-than-life stage show.

Given their unique sound, you can hear the mentorship of Phil Solemn (The Rembrandt's), the late Scott Weiland (STP), and Pete Best (The Beatles). Plus, they've already shared stages with Everclear, Echo & The Bunnymen, Fastball, Gilby Clark (Guns and Roses) and Peter Murphy ( Bauhaus).

With numerous shows behind them, The Falling Doves are gearing up to rock even more stages in 2020, continuing their quest towards reviving rock & roll.