J.J. Farris

Composer, Songwriter, Producer, Arranger & Mixer

(Survivor, 20/20, America’s Got Talent, American Idol, The 33, Before I Fall, Silence, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Rob Thomas, Queensryche, Cher, Don Henley, Corey Taylor)



J.J. Farris is a versatile and prolific composer, songwriter, producer, arranger and mixer making him “The Consummate Utility Man”. A multi-instrumentalist with decades of experience playing in rock bands, high-profile session gigs and creating custom music and sound design for various productions spanning across the entertainment industry. Hailing from Cleveland, Farris moved to Los Angeles to set sail on his musical voyage. “It all started with rock bands”. As the lead guitarist, lead vocalist/background vocalist for several bands including The Tories (James “Jimbo” Barton, Phil Ramone), Slammin’ Gladys (Joe Baresi, Jani Lane) and RED37 (Keith Olsen, Jim Wirt), JJ spent the first stage of his career making albums and touring the world earning the respect of his peers for his diverse talent and hard work ethic. After multiple record deals, years of traveling and far too many frequent flyer miles, JJ decided to focus on composing. His skills and dedication to every project has led to ongoing relationships with television networks, film studios, trailer houses and music libraries. 

Farris founded Reel Music, in 2002, as a creative outlet to showcase his work and to collaborate with incredible musicians, writers and composers. It was the perfect time to embark on his long-term relationship with ABC, who brought him on board to write, record songs and underscore providing music to series including Castle, 20/20, What Would You Do, The Goldberg’s, Nightline, GMA and General Hospital airing in over 50 countries worldwide. Almost 2 decades later, he’s still providing his music for ABC. 

Most recently, the Reel Music team created its extensive custom music library consisting of music cues, sound design, SFX and cover songs. “Working directly with Sony Pictures and leading LA trailer houses gives us incredible opportunities to create custom music and sound effects for blockbusters and award winning film campaigns”. Reel Music has been running strong for 15 years providing sound for your vision.

Looking ahead in 2017, J.J. has several film ad campaigns releasing, as well as his first co-production with legendary producer Keith Olsen for Australia’s “Alexandra”.

Article - www.pastemagazine.com

Warm Audio Gear

  • EQP-WA Tube Equalizer
  • WA76 Discrete Compressor
  • WA-412 Four Channel Mic Pre
  • WA-87 Condenser Microphone


Reel Music LLC
Los Angeles, California


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