Joe Carrell

Producer, Mixer & Engineer

(Thousand Foot Krutch, Tasji Bachman, Sanctus Real, Pauline Reese)


Warm Audio Gear Used:

The WA-412 Four Channel Mic Pre is a staple in my own rack, as well as, Nashville's high end studios. Tested side-by-side, the 412 has all of those great qualities we love plus an even more impressive low end. That added with the output trim and impedance option make this a real winner!!!
Joe Carrell


For those unfamiliar with me, I'm a professional recording engineer based out of Nashville, TN. I've been in the music industry in one form or another nearly all of my adult life, trading in drumsticks for console faders well over a decade ago. I have many years worth of experience in nearly all aspects of recording (rhythm sections, vocals, orchestral, etc.) and even some as producer. While I still work in all those areas, early on my career took the turn of a mix specialist. When people ask me to explain what I do, I generally tell them that I spend most all day everyday trying to make sure my client's songs "sound like a record". My clients range from record labels to independent artists of various genres from all over the country (and a few outside the country), and I would be happy to speak with you about your next project.


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