Josh Barber

(Producer, Engineer, Writer, and Seasoned Musician,


"I've been lucky to work in world class facilities, with every piece of gear you can imagine. When I wanted to open my own space I immediately thought of Warm Audio. I am used to tracking vocals on a Telefunken 251e and I honestly didn't want to spend the money on that mic. Warm Audio's WA-251 has not only matched, but exceeded my expectations! It is so close to the Telefunken, I don't miss it at all. I now have a full roster of their microphones, and I don't miss anything. Now I just need their preamps! Thanks, Warm Audio!"
Josh Barber


An acclaimed producer, engineer, writer, and seasoned musician, Kansas City’s Josh Barber has a talent for bringing out the best in those around him. Collaborating with the likes of Tech N9ne, Norma Jean, and The Devil Wears Prada, he’s helped bands thrive across a variety of genres ranging from rock and pop, to metal and rap. And while his discography may contain an eclectic mix of prominent works, there is indeed a throughline to Barber’s success; the ability to place himself in any artist’s shoes. Cutting his teeth as a touring musician, producing his former band, and spending about three-and-a-half years at Strange Music Inc. before setting out on his own, Barber has learned from every project he’s been a part of. Now, with over two decades of experience under his belt, he’s poured this knowledge into constructing a brand-new space. Equipped with an all-digital setup and recallable gear to fuel the immediacy of creativity, his curated studio is the ideal environment for sparking news ideas. Making a point to get to know an artist and their vision for the music, Barber places a large emphasis on understanding the bigger picture. For when communication and rapport are built between artist and producer, the best work is sure to follow.