Ray Prim

(Singer / Soulwriter)



Imagine Bill Withers heading over 2 Abbey Road in a Cadillac 2 pick up Ben Harper so they can catch the tail end of The Reverend Al Green's sermon...2016 Black Fret Recipient, Ray Prim, is a Singer Soulwriter based in Austin, Texas. His music takes you back to the days when songs were inspiring, meaningful and thought provoking. His tunes are melody-based short stories that anyone can relate to and identify with. It only takes one of his many songs to be instantly hooked. Five
words sums it up - Ear Candy for the Soul..

There was no mistaking Ray Prim’s destiny as a child: he was born to make music. With lyrics that seep into your soul and acoustics that lovingly strum each song so they are firmly imprinted in your mind, Ray passionately enforces what it takes to be a great Singer-Songwriter. His melody-based approach sweeps you through a variety of emotions that touch on all of life’s great joys and tragedies, moments that echo within each of us that will leave you smiling with nostalgia.

Based in Austin, Texas, Ray has a musical chocolate box to pick from when it comes to talent and has gathered the most incredible voices and instruments to record on his 11 albums. Performing with fellow band members Christina Steele (violin), John Ray (percussion), Adam Prado (bass), Alberto Ferrer (bass), Kim Zielnicki (violin), Mike Robledo (vocals), Marianna Tanguy (keys), Courtney Castaneda (Cello), Diana Burgess (Cello) and Cait Coughlan (Viola). Ray’s live shows are inspiring collaborations where you can see and hear the mutual respect each person has for making sounds that touch your heart, connecting with the audience to ensure they are swaying along by the end of each song.
From ‘This Ain’t Rocket Science’ to his latest album 'Unconditional' Ray’s song-writing skills are constantly evolving, soaking up stories and experiences that ultimately contribute to music that will resonate eternally, much like Ray’s approach to making music in general. Mr. Prim has no plans to stop playing, so listen up and let Ray’s troubadour skills steal your soul, allowing you to go back and forth over this beautiful journey we call LIFE.

"I've tried out a lot of vocal mic's in the Ghetto lounge and the WA-47 is by far my favorite mic to use. Especially on my vocals where my high register sometimes sounds thin. WA-7 makes my vocals sound full without muddying up the lowend. Sounds so great that hard put any EQ on them in pos...I absolutely LOVE this mic. My go to mic for strings and acoustic guitar is the WA-14......it seems to add thickness....especially the violin....when they can sometimes be thin and harsh.....the 14 lives up to the brand name and gives me a warm well rounded sound. Love it "
Ray Prim