Whitney Tai

(Pop Artist)



Whitney Tai is a New York City born singer-songwriter, architectural designer & creative director. Symphonic and cinematic, her dreamy soundscapes deliver tantalizing wisps of surface pigments to cinematic proportions. Tai was named by Music Connection Magazine as one of the Top Live Bands in Los Angeles and is a current member of the Warm Audio artist roster. In January 2014, Tai released her first pop single “To Be Loved,” and a remix by Adrian Buster shortly after. The song received Hot Shot of the week on two FM stations in the country of Holland gaining global recognition from DJ’s and producers worldwide. Following her first single, retail radio playlist maker, Mood Media and the world's leading fashion video platform, Fashion One Television were quick to bring her music to the roster. IndiePulse writes, “Tai’s sense of design in sound and her deft hand at guiding and crafting recordings are a natural soundscape for her voice and her poetry.”

Whitney started writing poetry, creating mixed media art and crafting songs as early as age 7. After losing her mother at 10 years old to a terrifying battle with cancer, she channeled her grief into art by enrolling and graduating from one of country’s top design schools, designing for contract hospitality and retail firms internationally while writing her first dream pop album. In 2014, Tai and #1 Billboard producer, Sunfreakz AKA Tim Janssens (Nelly Furtado, Ne-Yo, Flo Rida) In 2015, Tai released Metamorphosis, a 7-song suite capturing the trauma and resolve of her childhood. Anchored by the cinematic production of Tim Janssens, her music was put in the same conversation as Kate Bush and Annie Lennox. Following Metamorphosis, Tai released a number of eclectic singles between albums in various genres garnering recognition from music tastemakers and radio stations alike. In January of 2019, Tai dropped a surprise collaboration entitled, “Flowers By The Roadside” with classical guitarist, Michael Trainor which became the face of the 50th anniversary holiday cover for the east coast's longest running rock newspaper publication, The Aquarian Weekly. Happy Magazine of Australia writes, “Whitney Tai crafts haunting and beautiful slices of dream-pop. Her music is at once striking and delicate – like treading on ice, her songs could shatter beneath your feet at any moment. This peaceful sense of unease is perhaps the most captivating quality of her music.” 2020 opened up just before the onset of COVID-19, with Whitney and her band headlining at NAMM2020, the worlds largest trade only music convention. In addition to her solo work, Tai has been producing and recording an entirely different EP in her new project The 1905, founded with lead guitarist and co-writer, Andrew Kingsley. The 1905 explores a darker and more experimentally progressive nuance whispering textures of Chris Cornell and Robin Guthrie. During the lockdown, The 1905 dropped a live in-studio version of their forthcoming single, The Dying Kind which is available now on Bandcamp.

On June 5th 2020, Tai and Janssens released their sophomore album, Apogee, written and produced in Los Angeles, CA and is mastered by Grammy Award Winning, Gavin Lurssen (Pink Floyd, Tom Waits, Sheryl Crow). The record incorporates a variety of stylistic elements such as dream-pop, electro-pop, alt-rock, R&B, and aromas of gospel written by Tai as a triumph over her battle with lifelong anxiety disorder and emotional response to the civil unrest of a world battling for righteousness. Apogee quickly took shape as a healing manual to help others overcome suffering incorporating lessons of coping, resilience and imagination. Music Junkie calls Apogee “ten songs that range from dream pop to power ballads, all delivered with Tai’s trademark seamless blend of scalpel-sharp lyrics, subtle production details and powerhouse voice that contains both the child and the Valkyrie.”

Warm Audio Gear Used:

  • WA-87
  • WA-251
  • WA-76
  • WA-2A
  • WA73-EQ
  • EQP-WA

“Working with Warm Audio gear from past to present has evolved my experience in the studio. We recorded our album APOGEE through the WA-2A and were amazed at the incredible amount of warmth and refinement it brought to our recordings to give us that vintage sound we were after. I’d recommend any number of products from Warm Audio for high end results that stick.”
Whitney Tai


""Being somewhat of a gear junkie, the WA-87 is a wonderful side partner to my signature Neumann U-87 sound. I was impressed by the beautiful construction, tone, gloss and overall warmth. WA cares very much about bringing value and flexibility to studios worldwide no matter what your budget entails.""

Whitney Tai