Large Diaphragm Condenser Mics As Stereo Drum Overheads – Expert Test featuring the WA-87

Production Expert recently did a shootout of 4 different mics for stereo drum overheads, including the WA-87.

“What Warm Audio have done with their WA-87 is make an 87 style mic with top end and warmth that I really do like. For this test, both mics were set to cardioid pick up pattern with no pad or roll-off. Due to the nature of mounting the mics from above on a stereo bar and the WA-87s mounting hardware I was not able to get the same angle of attack to the kit as I had set with the Amethyst mics. But it’s pretty close and their separation is about the same. The height from the drums is also the same.”

Read about and listen to the full shootout here.