Live Sessions

In The Mix

w/ Joe Carrell

Warm Audio presents a new web series called In The Mix with Joe Carrell.  Joe is a renouned recording engineer based in Nashville, TN. Each episode takes you inside Joe Carrell's recording and mixing work flow providing helpful tips and instruction that will help you get the most out of your Warm Audio gear.

Learn the best strategies for recording and mixing guitar, vocals, bass, and drums including microphone placement, treating a stereo bus, treating vocals from one of the best engineers in the music industry.  

New episodes air every Friday. 


Adventure Recordings

w/ Sylvia Massy

Producer Sylvia Massy and Warm Audio are filming on-location in Europe to document her work flow experiences called "Adventure Recordings" with multiple artists at Castle Röhrsdorf Studio located in Dresden, Germany.

  • Drums: Stephen Perkins 
  • Bass: Jan Koudela
  • Guitar: Nick Maybury 
  • Artist: Marshall Barkman 
  • Producer: Sylvia Massy
  • Engineer: Francesco Genduso

Filmed by Midtown Motion Production

Live At The Hilson Studio

Various Artists

But it's time to get real. 
Many of them are pre-recorded, edited, and made pitch perfect, 
then labeled "live" when they're not.

And that's way less cool.
Live at The Hilson Studio is how we fight back.
Give people something real. No auto-tune. No quantizing. 
Just your voice and your instrument. And for a reasonable price.

How does it work?

We book a whole day for a Live at The Hilson Studio video shoot with different artists. This means we waste less time, and can charge less than other similar services. Time slots are assigned on availability.

Keeping it real
You do 2 takes and choose the best one. The final product is made up of 1 continuous take. This guarantees your viewers see something real and authentic, with all the grit and nuance that has always made music enjoyable.

Make an impression
This isn't about smashing concepts of what art and entertainment are, this is you singing your song and being yourself. And we think that's the most special thing you can do.

Travel Songs

w/ Dorian Lovewell

I am traveling around to different cities in the United States including New York, Boston, Nashville and many others. Meeting up with various singer/songwriters in those cities and recording a song. I will be recording and producing the song while making a video of the creation process. See the vision come to life!

Sit back and enjoy as these talented artists share their song with me. I will show you step by step how we add parts to the song to make it a masterpiece. This is Travel Songs.

Furious Sessions

The Furious Sessions is a joint project between the Sol de Sants Studios and the video production company RiD produccions, this initiative consists of live sessions in which video and sound are recorded without restrictions.

The bands make use of the finest and most modern equipment, ensuring their music reaches you with impeccable image and sound quality.

Just Roger

Producer / Recording Engineer /Beat Maker Genres include; EDM, House, Pop, R & B, Trap, Power ballads, Hip-hop, Latin, Reggaeton

Roger, at his young age, has managed to participate in production and programming teams for different established artists.

List of credits includes Samo (ex-member of Camila), Ana Barbara, Charlie Masso, Gun Records, Erika Ender, and different independent artists in Mexico, U.S and Europe.

He founded “Diamond Music” in January 2018, a label that gives the music that level it takes to be in the most listened tracks pf the popular list.

Bridge City Sessions

Bridge City Sessions is a Portland-based recording/film studio. We record/film live performances of bands here in the studio, and we welcome all genres of music. 

We also provide a service to film live shows at your preferred venue or place of interest. We love music, and want to share your music with the world. 

We believe in making great connections with bands to promote local and touring acts, and give listeners a chance to hear bands they've never heard before,as well as giving the artist a direct way to connect with their viewers!