Sound Check with James Ivey Reviews Warm Audio Gear Used on Depeche Mode Tour.

SOUND CHECK with JAMES IVEY (Presented By Warm Audio) interviews FOH Engineer Antony King and Monitor Engineer Sarne Thorogood of DEPECHE MODE – SPIRIT TOUR 2018 in AMSTERDAM.

SOUND CHECK presents


Depeche Mode – Spirit Tour 2018 Interview with Antony King & Sarne Thorogood

Hosted By James Ivey

Special Thanks To DEPECHE MODE
FOH Engineer Antony King
Monitor Engineer Sarne Thorogood

Sound Company: Britannia Row
FOH Engineer: Antony King
FOH Systems Engineer: Richard Trow
Monitor Engineer: Sarne Thorogood
Monitor Tech: Alex Hore
FOH Tech/Audio Crew Chief: Terence Hulkes
Systems Engineer: Alessandro Cestaro
Tour Manager: Tim Lougee
Production Manager: Tony Gittins
Britannia Row Account Rep: Dave Compton
Stage Manager: Toby Plant
Backline Techs: Iain Robertson (drums), Jez Webb (guitar), Dan Roe (keyboards)
Programmer/MD: Kerry Hopwood
Artist: Depeche Mode

Crew Credits
Host: James Ivey
Camera Technician: Charlotte Tindle
Production Editor: Victor Ollervidez
Art Director: Royce Richmond
Executive Producer: Bryce Young

Produced By Warm Audio
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