WA-87 Makes Sweetwater’s 10 Best Vocal Mics Under $1000

Sweetwater recently named the WA-87 among the Top 10 Best Vocal Mics under $100. Read the full list here.

“Warm Audio is on a mission to deliver pro audio equipment with top-notch components at a price anyone can afford. They’re able to achieve this through streamlined manufacturing — by buying parts in bulk and producing gear in large quantities. The Warm Audio WA-87 is the company’s spin on a venerable, studio-workhorse FET microphone known for its smooth, rich tone that flatters most voices. Cutting no corners, Warm Audio assembled the WA-87 from premium components, including Fairchild FETs and a genuine, USA-made CineMag output transformer, to create a mic that soundly outperforms its price point.”