Joe P

(Alternative Rock)


Warm Audio Gear Used:

I think Warm Audio understands how important the quality of what you are recording is both sonically and artistically because they have led the way in making Pro level audio gear affordable so that anyone can bring their music/art to the next level without having to go broke in the process."

Joe P


I think you're supposed to get someone to write your bio for you but that seems kind of ridiculous considering I am joe p and thus would know more about myself than anyone else so I am just going to write it. I live in Asbury Park, New Jersey (America) where I write/record/produce all of my music in a basement. most of my recordings usually end up having some sort of noise in the background of them due to either the water heater turning on, someone upstairs showering or the buzzing of a fly crashing into a lightbulb while I am recording vocals, but I welcome the nature of it all. I'm writing this in the middle of a pandemic which, in itself, is a humbling enough experience to make anyone realize that maybe we take ourselves a bit too seriously at times (like writing a bio about yourself to seem interesting). So, with that being said, I am joe p and I make music/art.