10 Most Legendary Studio Mics of All Time

10 Most Legendary Studio Mics of All TimeGet to know the mics behind music’s biggest hitsThere are certain microphones that have stood the test of time to deliver massive hits over the last century through today. From capturing The Beatles to Nirvana to Adele, these microphones were and are used to capture the world’s biggest artists, in the most elite … Read More

How To Choose a Compressor

How to Choose a Compressor What You Need to Know To Capture Your Best Sound Compression is a critical component of all professional audio signal chains. Provided you have a quality microphone preamp to get the most out of your microphones and audio sources, adding a discrete analog compressor to your chain is the next step towards achieving professional sound … Read More

Cassandra Elese – “Teach You”: Engineer’s Cut

Cassandra Elese – “Teach You”: Engineer’s CutHear Isolated Dry & Processed Audio w/ Engineer FeedbackWhat is an Engineer’s Cut you may ask? We’ve broken down the song, “Teach You” by Cassandra Elese recorded at Warm Studios, and created a version that provides isolated tracks with an A/B comparison of both dry & processed audio. Additionally, the Engineer’s Cut provides full … Read More

Best Recording Setups For Every Budget

Best Recording Setups For Every BudgetHome Studio Starters to Full Analog Signal Chains From  $500 to $2,500Under $500 – Home Studio StartersAs a songwriter or producer, having the proper gear to capture your song ideas is crucial to the creative process. Never know when that perfect melody idea is going to strike, right? Having the proper tools right at your … Read More

How To Choose a Microphone Preamp

How to Choose a Microphone Preamp What You Need to Know To Capture Your Best Sound Having the right microphone preamp and knowing how to use it is the first step in creating great recordings at home or in the studio. The mic pre is the source of your sound outside of your unique playing style, so loving the sound … Read More

Announcing Warm Studios

Warm Audio Opens World-Class Recording Studio at Austin, TX HeadquartersWarm Audio opens a state-of-the-art, 3,550-square-foot facility near one of the country’s fastest-growing music communities to further its mission of giving everyday musicians access to legendary sound.Warm Studios overview with Owner Bryce Young & Designer Alex OttoWe are thrilled to announce the opening of Warm Studios, a world-class recording facility with … Read More

Signal Chain: Beginners Guide for Better Recordings

Signal Chain: Beginners Guide for Better RecordingsIf the recordings you’re capturing with a microphone, interface, and computer sound a little sterile, like you aren’t getting enough space, volume, or depth, you may want to add outboard signal processing equipment. Adding these tools to your arsenal are the next step towards building a professional analog signal chain. There are tons of … Read More

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Warm Audio Holiday Gift Guide

It’s somehow already December which means it’s now or never for holiday gift ideas. We’ve got your back with the Warm winter lineup! Take advantage of our unbeatable promos or mix and match some of our favorite combos under $200 & $500. Whether you’re looking to expand your guitar sound, upgrade your mic locker, step up your home studio game, or all of … Read More

The Best Microphone Bundle for Sound and Setup

Why the WA-47jr and the WA-MBA is the best choice for flexible creatives who won’t compromise on sound quality. Have you ever asked yourself “how can I get great, studio-quality sound at my home work station without spending a fortune?” Are you just starting to build a modest home studio where you don’t have a ton of space, but you … Read More

What Does A Direct Box Do?

I imagine many folks may have seen a DI box or direct input box in the past and thought “what do people use those things for”? Read on to find out whether or not you need one, and what the best DI boxes need to be able to do! So let’s get the whole naming thing out of the way … Read More